Born and raised in Quebec City’s surroundings, I have graduated from Lévis and Québec respectively in Languages and Graphic Design and later perfected my trade by obtaining a Concept Art Certificate and taking master classes in Vancouver and the USA.

Lead by an indomitable thirst for knowledge, I am constantly looking for new trends, techniques and technology to strengthen my understanding and practice of visual arts and communicative means. I’m always open to learning and I love a good challenge. Each new project is an invaluable and unique way to gain experience and knowledge.

Be it graphic design, illustration or both, contact me for a quote. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Graphic designer? What’s that do?

Drink coffee. Joke aside, some dictionaries will go something like this: “ One who invents and prepares useful, decorative, or artistic designs […] or sketches.” (New Illustrated Webster’s Dictionary – 1992) or “In manufacturing and the fine arts, one who conceives or forms a design; one who designs figures and patterns for ornamental or artistic purposes.” (Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged – 1949). My sources are, sadly, outdated, but they show that graphic design has been around for quite some time and has evolved in tasks and tools, but whose essence remains. You may interpret all of this as a professional trained in the art of communicating ideas and concepts by means of universally understood visual cues and codes.

In other words?

Us designers know how to convey your meaning (message, idea, concept) in a concise and efficient way. We can bring an idea to its full communicative potential, develop your company’s visual identity to get right to your intended market, make an important message powerful.

Graphic design as a field is present in our everyday lives: advertisement, awareness campaigns, infographics, prints, websites, apps, logos and more.

Who needs an illustrator?

Anyone, really! From a children’s books author to a hairdresser, a communication agency or a publisher, anyone working on a project requiring illustrations, or “drawings”, will have to hire an illustrator, be it to illustrate a text, a concept or an idea or to give a fun, approachable flavour to a project.

An illustrator may quickly and/or in a specific style visually represent things that would otherwise be difficult or improbable to photograph or explain solely with text.

An illustrator can make a complex idea more manageable or transmit a message or concept without the use of words. How will that help you?